Friday, July 18, 2014

Grimm's Fairies

"Grimm's Fairies" is a book I'm planning to launch on Kickstarter which will serve as a guide to the fairies, witches, vampires, and folk religion within fairy tales.

In this book I'll discuss in detail the fairy beliefs and myths of a number of different people's including the Uralic people's of the Steppes, the Romanians, the Germans, the Celts, the English, the Northern Italians, and more. By carefully examining the fairy tales and beliefs of these people's one by one I hope to take you on a guided journey which will lead you to understand Europe's fairy beliefs of once upon a time.

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“Once Upon a Time” people didn't believe that fairies lived in some distant land, for nearly  everyone had a story of encountering fairies in the lakes, forests, moores, and even the cities of their homeland. “Fairy Lands” will discuss not only these fairy tales, but the folk religion behind them, as well as the regions they took place in, and the history of the people who told them.

With extensive maps to show you where different fairy encounters occurred, this book will take you on a guided journey across Europe to understanding the almost forgotten fairy realms.

I'm planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign for this book, and but would like to find support for it before I launch. So please sign up to receive an email when I launch this project.

This book will closely examine the stories, history, and folk belief's of many unique lands, which like a path of bread crumbs through the sylvan forest, each culture's beliefs will lead you ever closer to understanding of the fairy realm.
From the alpine fairy realms of Northern Italy, to the stillness of the Eurasian Steppes, to the quite rivers of Mongolia, "A Dreamer's Guide to Fairies and Fairy Tales," will help readers understand the beautiful and often strange fairy realms.
Thanks to the supporters for my last successful Kickstarter campaign I was able to publish "A Writers Guide to Fairies, Witches, and Vampires." And I was also able to get rough drafts of a number of books, including a book on Fairy Tale Archetypes and Japan's Folk Religion. I am coming back now to get these rough drafts edited, and to get another book edited on fairies across Eurasia. 
As a child growing up in Yupik villages I heard a lot of folktales from people who still respected them, more than this i discovered that each story I was told had a story behind it.

Each fairy tale has a setting, a place which isn't often discussed in the fairy tales, because the people listening to the story knew this setting. Yet this setting is intimately important to truly enjoying the fairy tale. My hope is that learning about the beauty and fairy faith of lands such as Northern Italy, or the isolation of the Selkup villages will help stir your imagination. 
People used to believe in the witches, vampires and fairies in these stories. They were afraid that a wolf might take human form in order to eat them, they really did hope that a fairy would come and bless them so they could escape their ordinary life. Further in ancient times many leaders would take spirit journeys, entering the realm of fairies in order to understand the nature of humanity and the universe. So once upon a time whole societies would base their philosophies and activities on their belief in fairies, deities, spirits and similar beings. So fairy tales are not abstract morality tales, they are stories filled with the spirits people feared and credited with controlling fate which is why the word fairy at it's origin means in essence 'those who control fate.
Because of this people thought a lot about and discussed fairy tales as stories filled with real beings, beings people needed to avoid or get on the good side of. So fairies and vampires were assigned personalities, given goals even if these aren't overtly stated in fairy tales.
I'm including links to a few sample articles I've posted on my blog. Part of what I want to do with this project is flesh out an lengthen each of these articles and many to provide you with more information fairies.
Here in this land it's difficult to tell if you are in the fairy realm in the sky, the underworld, or still in the Middle Realm of Humans and strange spirits. For a person can find themselves in fairyland simply by stepping off the path, or walking out their door at the wrong time... Read More