Thursday, November 2, 2023

Free Fairy Encyclopedia and Other eBooks

 I've posted a number of ebooks online for Free and am going to post more as time goes on. 

"Fairy Encyclopedia"

Many of the fairies and spirits mentioned within this book come from regions where information on the fairies isn’t readily available in English elsewhere. A few of these include; Mari-El – In the heart of an ancient forest which was so vast and isolated it allowed the people within to remain the last pagans in Europe. For the people of this land never converted to Islam or Christianity, and so to this day they still value the spirits of the forest. Their woodlands are filled with a dizzying array of spirits, from bathhouse spirits that appear as shooting stars to spirits which always run and move backwards.

Coloring Books

Pooh in Fairy Land and Christmas Gnomes Part 1


Wander Witch, a Journal TTRPG