Monday, July 1, 2019

Beta testers needed for a Cozy20 Tabletop RPG


I need beta testers for a warmhearted tabletop rpg I've been working on.
The RPG is meant to work with your favorite d20 game, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, and yes that other one we aren't talking about, or perhaps talking too much about right now.
The idea is to provide a way to play through the calm and still moments in your normal game.
Alternatively, you can choose to play a wizard who goes around helping decorate for festivals, or a paladin who befriends others, for an entire game without ever needing to fight.

This is the first time I've never created a game like this, but I have been writing about psychology and fairies for a long time and selling cute art so I'm hopeful that with help I can make a fun, relaxing, and pleasant experience.

For those interested the document is at Cozy20.docx

Or if you just want to see the Mechanics, without too much text you can find that at Cozy20Mechanics

To let me know your thoughts you can:

1 - Message me or send me an email at tyhulse and I use yahoo mail. I know that's old school, but I actually liked it better after going to the bigger one for a while so there it is.

2 - Download the word file, write notes in a color other than black, yellow, blue, green, red, purple, some sort of rainbow mix, whatever you want, but since I used black I wouldn't be able to tell which text was yours without some indication.