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I grew up in a small rural village in Alaska where people still believed in little people, in giants and clawed hags which sought to devour people. With no roads, no connection to the outside world but small airplanes I grew up chasing spirits and ghosts.

Hide your thumbs when walking past a grave and don’t whistle at the northern lights the elders of the village where I grew up always warned.

And while I was always good about hiding my thumbs to keep the ghosts from stealing them I always whistled at the northern lights because I wanted to see the little people come down from them. I spent my youth searching for and trying to understand the fairies and fairy tales.

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I later got my degree in Cross-Cultural research as it relates to religion, mythology and fairy tales at the University of Hawaii. I seek to understand fairy tales and the people who told them through the context of religion and culture because this is a large part of where fairy tales come from.

I added to my knowledge of fairy tales with a second degree in animation which I used to help tell stories of the fairies I research.


The Sofrito Diaries said...

Absolutely great blog! Informative, entertaining and so well-written.

MtnSk8tr said...

I stumbled across this when I recognized your name as a new Radcon FB page member. Your mom & I graduated from PHS together.

I have a dear friend in New Jersey who LOVES fairy tales, probably nurtured by his mom telling them to him when he was a child. I'm going to pass along the link to your blog to him -- Dave will LOVE it.

Unknown said...

Hello Tai! My name's Alex, and I'm a fairytale writer. I was interested to see you're planning a Kickstarter. I'm about to launch a Kickstarter for my fairytale project this week. We should talk!

Drop me an e-mail at metalalia.the.app@gmail.com. I'd really love to hear from you

paulierockets said...

This has become my favorite website. Everything is scholarly, well-written, inspirational, and fun. Hard to do all those, but you consistently succeed.

I graduated from the University of Hawaii with an MA in English. Did you study with Cristina Bacchilega? Who were the instructors you learned the most with?

Keep up the excellent work.m This site is a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here is a link for details: https://emberbookreviews.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/the-versatile-blogger-award/

Unknown said...

I love the great fairytale ideas on your site! I found you while looking for info on archetypes. I'm writing 3 intertwined stories for my 3 children. My daughter is the Brave Princess (using The Enchanted Pig for inspiration), my older son is going to be the Hardworking Polite Hero, and my younger son is going to be the Youngest Brother/Fool (as long as no one ever tells him I used that word!) If you have any more suggestions for source stories for these characters, I would love to hear them. (BTW, I love that you grew up in Alaska and went to college in Hawaii! I've always wanted to live in Alaska.)

Nukiuk said...

Hello Johanna Marine

I'm sorry for the late response, I've been traveling to Fantasy conventions and comic cons for a while now and didn't really get to my blog.

Let me ponder you're question and get back to you.

If you'd like to email me my email is tyhulse@yahoo.com

Paphvul said...

Who drew your background art? That satyr is just too adorable.

Nukiuk said...

Popful frost -thank yu, I drew all pictures that don't have a citation. Most of my art is at tyhulse.com