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Fairies are likely far stranger and more wonderful than you ever imagined. Perhaps the most important thing you need to understand about fairies is that they were distant beings. Indeed, fairies were just as likely to live in the village or people's homes as they were in the wilderness. I have a number of articles on this subject including such as "Understanding Celtic Fairies," "Kingdoms of Elves for World Building," "Domesticated Fairies," among others.

Humans relied on fairies, indeed as I point out in my article on "Holidays and Festivals for Fantasy Writers" most ancient festivals were built around building and maintaining a relationship with fairies.

Other figures such as Robin Hood likely serves the Queen of the Fairies in their original tales. The Queen of the Fairies, like many other fairies cared deeply about what happened to humans. Indeed fairies could be said to have been more sensitive to the feelings of human peasants than the human nobility.

All of this might surprise you given the misinformation about fairy tales that has been built up over the past century. My hope is that this blog will to help people understand actual fairy lore.

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Mari-El, a land of vast and isolated forests, a land of Europe's oldest Fairy Faiths. Here in this land it's difficult to tell if you are in the fairy realm in the sky, the underworld, or still in the Middle Realm of Humans and strange spirits. For a person can find themselves in fairyland simply by stepping off the path, or walking out their door at the wrong time.

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Humans were related to fairies, we were descended to them. Further fairies tended to have a natural kindness, thus the reason fairies like Santa Claus would bring gifts. Further, Humans were magical beings  in our own right, we have powers such as the evil eye, which can drain fairies of their own magical powers. That's why leprechauns couldn't disappear so long as a human was looking at them. This is also why fairies avoided being seen by us. But that doesn't mean our worlds were separate. Indeed, fairies punished people who didn't believe in them.