Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review of webcomic "Bird Boy"

Engaging with "Bird Boy" gives me an intense feeling of nostalgia. As a boy I loved creeping about places I wasn't supposed to be. Under old schools, out at old graves on the distant tundra. I always imagined discovering the world of spirits, of gods I heard so many stories about. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately  I never got to live in the world of Bird Boy, 

A world filled with spirits and ancient gods, that he must now navigate, alone. Because he's alone through most of the story, there isn't a lot of dialogue in "Bird Boy," instead this comic tells the story of a boys journey through one of the most beautifully depicted spirit worlds I've seen through a series of engaging images. 

Images which like these ones help you to feel the story, the cold of winter, the determination, and often confusion of the tiny protagonist, who bites off more than he can chew when he tries to prove himself to his clan. After discovering a magical sword, he gets swept into a world of ancient gods and spirits, as the burden of protecting the magical sword has now fallen to him.

This is wonderful story, so far, my only real complaint with the artist is that their store doesn't include any "Bird Boy" t-shirts... Sniff, sniff.