Monday, January 5, 2015

iZombie is wonderfully disturbing

A Dark comedy which manages to be slapstick, Yes please!

It's nice to see Warner Brothers finally taking their Vertigo comics a little more seriously. The Comic was created by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred.

The show itself includes a wonderfully wacky assortment of writers and directors. Rob Thomas (creator of "Veronica Mars,") who was born just in Sunnyside a few miles from where I'm typing this (Please come to the local Comicon) and Mairzee Almas (Smallville) iZombie strikes the perfect balance between it's somewhat dark theme and being hilariously goofy.

The best part is that while the first episode is an origin story it zips right through this allowing us to jump quickly into life.... er, unlife as a zombie. Origin stories after all are often the most boring, what's interesting is the quirky character sneaking brains for lunch in the morgue, stealing anything that's the color red, and using their zombie powers to save people.