Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cute Fairy Art

About my Art 

I grew up in a tiny Yupik village of only a few hundred people and no roads in or out. Since there was little to no TV access I spent my youngest days playing outside and listening to stories about Raven and the spirit world, in essence about fairies. It was here where I learned about art, including the ever important art of masks. In the Yupik culture masks were a way to make the unseen world visible, a way to tell a story about something magical. It wasn’t just the Yupik people who viewed masks as door way into the spirit world, into the real of fairies, this was true in Ancient Greece, in Indonesia, Japan, and more. 

Like these masks my art is meant to be a doorway into the fairy realm, into imagination.

I have also come to realize the importance of cute things.

Art should make people’s lives better, and I seek to do this. So while many may not understand symbolism of art, or don’t pay much attention to such symbols, they do know how something makes them feel. I want people to feel better with my art, to escape the mundane. In this sense cute also acts as a doorway into the fairy realm, into the imagination.