Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fairy Images

(Image of a Moss Women)

Images of fairies are deeply ingrained within the human psych because humans are always seeking for something more, something magical. It is perhaps one of our most compelling desires to want a magical world, a world where things are better than our own, where we can explore and discover beauty and mystery.

As the modern era of exploration told us what was in the world, thus taking away its mystery we came to realize that there weren't really dragons at the edge of the map, that there wasn't a magical kingdom with fairy godmothers. Further as people found the wilderness disparaging around them, being replaced by the complexity of the modern world they sought something simpler, something they found in images of fairies.

The fairy world is so much more, however, with tales of the Peter Pan, The Dark Crystal and the Labyrinth these tales became more than an escape, fairies became something strange, something unusual that made us think and ponder.

In the modern era than fairies are not mythology, nor are they pure whimsy, rather fairies are our desire for beauty, our desire for something more.


Christie said...

I do agree. And I think fairies are "real" in a way that we really can't explain.

~ Christie @ Spinning Straw into Gold