Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fantasy Writing Prompts from Micro Fantasy Tales

(As context for this. Fairies needed humans to forge metal
to have less sickly children, and do other tasks. On May Day 
boys would be kidnapped to help with these things)

When ice forms on the river the water fairies nested in the trees like squirrels. 
Now the Trees are gone, leaving only attics and rafters.

Christmas carols and the smell of garlic permeate the the streets.
Christmas is the time when vampires come to town.

The lonely servant girl draws a baby dragon up from the well.

Owls hooting, crickets chirping. Someone screams, then the night goes quite.

The river tumbled down the mountain,
cooling the dragons burns, cleaning her wounds.

The old ladies cat yowls at the werewolf circling the tree. 

Christmas carols echo through the streets as people spread garlic on their doors and windows.
For Christmas is when the vampires come out in force.

 A scream disturbs the night, followed by unnerving silence.

 Hiding from the cold rain under their umbrellas no one sees the dragon flying overhead.

Sounds of tiny battle cries in the night
In the morning the streams are filled with the bodies of armored fairies