Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Micro-Fictions as Fantasy Writing Prompts

Little short moments in time from fantasy worlds to help inspire you. You can read a few more of these here.  Or Check out my page of Fantasy Writing Prompts for more inspiration.

(I know a full moon can't rise in the day, but not all werewolves change only during a full moon)

I hear a banshee crying sadly on the moor. My heart grows heavy as I realize she cries for me. My wife was right, I never should have taken this journey.

Brightly colored seashell jewelry clackles as the orcs run towards the beached whale.

The werewolf growls as it circles the tree and the yowling cat.

Yawning and stretching 
The satyr rises with the moon to search for love.

An old motor roars as the car rumbles wildly through the fields. Crashing over rocks and weeds and finally into the creak. A troop of giggling fairies fly out of the wreck and go searching for another toy to steal.

Hiding from the cold rain under their umbrellas 
no one sees the dragon flying overhead.

The trolls huddle in the cold mountain rain, 
looking down on the warm village.

The mighty dragon, once a lord of the fire and sky. 
Now a child carves patterns in his bones.