Friday, May 29, 2015

House Fairy Figurines

My little house fairies, like many house fairies once lived like children at an eternal slumber party, carefree and a bit wild they played about the forests until humans came along. One by one, like stray kittens, they found their way into human homes. 

Filled with mischief and giggles they kind little creatures who are quick to fall in love and loyal to a fault. Though prone to playing pranks they are also our unseen protectors they fight a secret war which nightly spills from our lawns and rooftops into our warm kitchens and dark attics to keep us safe from the things that go bump in the night.

Like all fairies, house fairies have two sides to them, however, and so if the people of the house are messy, unkind, or if the fairy has been offended it can quickly become wild and troublesome. Such troublesome fairies are where we get poltergeists from.

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Glimpse the Brownie
From the thick brush of parks and backyards Glimpse plays peek-a-boo with those lucky enough to see him. Anxious to please glimpse is quick to try helping those in need, cleaning what needs cleaned and watching over sleeping children. 
Still a child, however, Glimpse is quick to fracture into obnoxious anger, becoming the poltergeist which just won’t leave you alone. 

Whispering Rain
The Buffardello
At the first smell of rain these wild little fairies come tumbling into people’s homes. Overly rambunctious they dash madly about the house, inspiring children and pets to do the same. 
Like a gleeful kitten this little fairy is likely to pounce on your free roaming thoughts, filling them with an over exuberant energy, pushing to you to do something wild or create something beautiful.