Monday, July 10, 2017


My name is Ty Hulse. As a folklorist I've been reading and studying folklore for decades.

I've been writing stories based on the most interesting pieces of fairy, witch, and magical lore. In lore fairies were humans neighbors who both loved and feared us. So these stories are about the fairies, which live under our ovens, in our back yards, which take refuge from the cold in our attics.

I'm hoping to get feedback and potential support to find out which, if any of these books I should push forward with first. My plan is to either Kickstart or submit the stories to publishers once they get enough people interested in them. So please help me make these tales happen.

An urban fantasy based in Western Alaska, about a woman named Tracy, whom the Ircenrraat taught magic to.

A witch raised by the Welsh Winter Court of fae and her geeky apprentice who must stop the one opponent even Arthur feared.

The story of the house fairies and witches who protect us from the things that go bump in the night.

Two German fairies driven from their home by evil spirits must train a human to be a witch that can protect them.

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