Monday, November 19, 2012


Lithuanian being of the fairy and dragon type.

An old man found a cold trembling little chicken outside in the rain, feeling sorry for the little animal he brought it home with him but soon discovered that it wasn't a chicken at all but an Aitvaras. Within a few days the Aitvaras had started bringing him money and grain, but the problem was that the Aitvaras was stealing these from the old mans neighbors. For while the Aitvaras is intensely loyal like many domestic spirits of Northern origin he is also a thief. 
Being honest the old man couldn't enjoy his new found fortune so he tried to come up with a plan to get away from the Aitvaras. Eventually he had his neighbors burn his house while he ran to his new house but the Aitvaras emerged from the fire as a spark and traveled with him to live in his new place for it is nearly impossible to kill an Aitvaras. When they die they become a spark or a fury burst which can become them again. 
Born from falling meteorites the Aitvaras is perhaps one of the most interesting cases of internally duelistic creatures in Lithuania, for they most often appeared as a bird (rooster, heron, or crow) which would help people with their choirs, with the harvest while bringing gifts of food, money, amber beats and flowers (for girls). At the same time, however, the Aitvaras could turn into a giant fiery flying serpent or a whirlwind. 
In ancinet myths they would drink up and destroy the water causing droughts until the Perkūnas defeated them in battle. Thus this is both a house fairy and a destructive dragon at the same time.

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