Monday, November 19, 2012

Lima (Lithuanian Fairy)

 The weavers of fate in Lithuanian and Latvian lore. They were depicted as females and were at times considered to be the sister of the Giltinė (a female Grimm Reaper figure) for it was believed that while she controlled birth and life the Giltinė  controlled peoples ends. As with much of Europe Fate wasn't a prediction, it was something the Lima controlled, something they made happen. In one a Lima blesses a boy that he will become wealthy and live happily and than descends from the heavens to draw circles which protect the child from evil when he is alone (The circles than grow flowers). When the boy grows up the Lima aids him in marrying a wealthy merchants daughter.
In order to insure the Lima's favor woman would cray out to the goddess of happiness and of the earth. In addition the husband and wife would act as the perfect family immediately after the birth in a ritualistic way in which the mother would happily greet the father who in turn would pray for the mother and baby and than take a drink to the earth. After which he would ask “Blossom in our rye, wheat, and be gracious child. They would than get together and sacrifice hens, which had to be black, white or speckled but never red. They and the midwife and other woman would than all eat boiled chicken while the midwife prayed for their health and happiness.

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