My Books the mythology and folk tales behind the creatures that haunted people's dreams for millennia, and include them in you game.

Discover the emotions, personalities, and motivations of the most compelling characters in Fairy Tales.

Learn about the most compelling characters in fairy tales.

Like a word stuck on the tip of your tongue that you can't quite remember, fairy tales aggravate us with deeper meanings we're almost certain we know, but can’t quite recall. For just enough of the old fairy faiths survive within them to tantalize us with their forgotten mysteries; teasing us with a hidden past filled with dark guardians to the underworld, bright and beautiful fairies, and long winters nights people feared would never end. There is still a mysterious heart to fairy tales, giving us a peek into a primal world, beckoning us to recall old traditions. This book will seek to explore these old traditions, to answer questions about the hidden origins of fairy tales.



Unknown said...

I had the pleasure of meeting you at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015. Our conversation on the last day, in the final hour, stuck with me, and I'm still kicking myself for not buying your books at that sale price.
This evening, I was visiting with a neighbor who is in the process of writing a book series. I dug through my collection of SLCC swag to find your business card, pulled up your website, and forwarded it along to her. I think she'll be able to find a lot of great information here.
Thanks, for all of the work you've put into your books and this site.
I look forward to exploring it more.