Saturday, June 8, 2013

CUTE FAIRIES: Whispering Rain


I've been playing around with sandstone as a medium for my art for a while and this is one of the figures I've sort of come up with. Being wistful and nostalgic this cute fairy is sappy and kiddily but that's what I like most of the time and I hope you do to

Whispering Rain

Deep in the small set of trees standing in your back yard a smell drifts up over the lawn from the trees or the rain. You take a deep breath and in that moment of calm clarity you see this cute little fairy for just a moment, both playful and nostalgic.

Groggy Forest Vision

Tippy Toed Dream
Walking Quietly, no distractions, your free roaming thoughts soon spot this spirit and you're filled with a rush of excited energy, a desire to grab up your note book, or open your oven, to create something for you have been inspired to do something beautiful

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