Friday, June 21, 2013

The Art of Sakimi Chan

Musics blooming by *sakimichan on deviantART

There is a flowing energy to Sakimi Chan's art, hypnotic shapes and lines which suck you into the painting, making you a part of the dream which the artist has created, for although Sakimi Chan states about her work of art “Silent Glow,”

“that she just wanted to paint something lose and colorful,”

the painting is so much more. The subjects hair within the painting twirls through the wind, creating a series of natural forms and paint strokes that tangle the views mind, directing them to a serene and and perhaps a bit pensive moment of the lone character within the painting. So we are invited to share this moment, to become a part of it. In many ways I'm reminded of the curved line forms and philosophy of Art Nouveau when I look at Sakimi Chan's paintings.

wild. by *sakimichan on deviantART

Much like the works of Art Nouveau Sakimi Chan's works contain dynamic and energetic movement, created through the artists careful use of syncopated rhythm, and their rich flowing lines. Further the artists work is inspired greatly by Japanese motifs just as the creators of Art Nouveau were inspired by the work of that country. Sakimi Chan's paintings have a brightness that defies description, the painting “Mini Dragon” does more than simply glow, it radiates light and friendship, making you want to be the character depicted for a moment. A character who is swimming so energetically among lily pads that she has become covered with their rich greens and solid pinks. Yet she pauses for a moment, a tiny dragon in hand.

Beauty and serenity matter because these are the moments we seek in life, it is perfect moments which the best poems try to capture, to allow us all to relive. Yet there are some moments, some dreams we can never truly live, moments that help to inspire our imagination. In “Dragon Boy" such a moment is captured between a young boy and the dragon who travels with him, a dragon which some ethereal energy radiates from, for dragons are in much of Asia's lore symbolic of deity of perfection. So through the use of fantastic, speculative scenes Sakimi Chan is able to enhance the dreamlike and meditative qualities of the moments she creates.

So it is that through Sakimi Chan's radiant paintings that perhaps meditation, that dreams are a higher state of being.

Come to life by *sakimichan on deviantART

The Bird Spirit by *sakimichan on deviantART