Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pictures of Fairies and Spirits


The Pixie Wisp and the Sylfan

Life is made up of moments each of which builds on another. Happier, more positive moments lead to a better outlook which improves our perception of all moments.

This is why I seek to create a world of wonder, a world of better moments through my art.

Fairies and fairy tales are my way of doing this.

It's true of course that in fairy tales fairies, dragons, etc are rarely friendly, but victory, overcoming the obstetricals in fairy tales is one of the glories of these stories.


Pixie Wisp Discovers that humans do exist     A teacher in Fairy Realm

Faun and the Snow Covered Cheery Blossoms

The Forest Mushroom

Pixie Wisp Reflection

Flying Sylfan Fairy