Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Funniest Animated Short Fantasy Films.

These are some of my favorite animated shorts with a fantasy theme. I'm adding new animations to RavensShire constantly, so if you know of any that I'm missing, please leave a comment to let me know...

Animation is important because only animation can answer the big questions. Like; should you demand death pay you when it accidentally breaks something of yours? How do you explain to a nymph that she shouldn't believe in fairy tales?

These animations will answer these important questions and many more.

More Animations
Strange but Beautiful      Just Make Me Smile

Legand of Beorn
An old viking sets out to enter the underworld by dying in battle, but he just always wins... One of the most hilarious animations I've ever seen.

As in one of the best Little Red inspired animations ever. A cute and sweet story about a little wolf who falls in love with a little girl. Directed by  Hyunjoo Song.

A Fox Tale
A Fox Tale is a hilarious animated short about a mischievous fox who tricks two hunters into battling each other.

Mytho Logique
When a Satyr tries to explain that fantasies can exist to a dryad he ends up getting himself into one predicament after another.

Hilarious, but PG-13 (some animated nudity)

Dum Spiro
A Roman Soldier is sent on a mission when he encouters an overly clean bear who doesn't want him tracking dirt across her forest.

Reaping for Dummies
A Death in Training comes for an old cowboy who proves more clever than he.

Final Straw
A scarecrow despretly tries to keep the crows away, but has one problem after another.

A spoiled little girl encounters a monter. Very short but pretty funny.

Monsters! from Kristin Kemper on Vimeo.

Moon Goddess
A pervert keeps peeping at a Greek Goddess, no matter what she does to punish him.

Some Animated Nudity

Moon Goddess from Melanie Atwater on Vimeo.

A womens reflections rebel against her.

Réflexion from Planktoon on Vimeo.

Colors of Evil
A little girl summons a demon to get revenge on an enemy, but things turn out funnier than she expected.

A story about the ridiculous things we'll do for "lust."

FOL'AMOR from GOBELINS pro on Vimeo.

A knight sets out to save a Princess from a dragon in this quirky comedy.

Death Buy Lemonade
When Death comes to Collect someone he accidently spills a little girls lemonaide, and she demands payment.

Death Buy Lemonade from Cartoon Brew on Vimeo.

Fumiko's Confession
An indie animation from Japan.